Savvy Classrooms, Smart Workplaces: Navigating the Pros and Cons of the AI Revolution

Is using Artificial Intelligence such as ChatGPT in Kogod classrooms and the workplace either an exciting opportunity or a danger to critical thinking? Or something in between?

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IN-PERSON or virtual
veloric center for entrepreneurship DMTI 219-221
35o1 nebraska avenue NW Washington, DC 20016
11:15 a.m. to 12:15p.m. et

At this panel discussion moderated by senior director of Kogod's Center for Professionalism and Communications, Caron Martinez, Kogod faculty members Ali Sanati and Alexandra Mislin, along with AU alumna Isabella Bingaman, will challenge students to think about encountering AI in a rapidly changing world. We'll hear from Professor Sanati and Professor Mislin about how they’re already preparing students for the #FutureOfWork. Alumna Bingaman will round out the panel to share how generative AI is showing up in the workplace, plus the benefits and limitations these dynamic tools provide. This timely panel is the third in a series of  Center for Professionalism and Communications events on professionalism, communications, and the #FutureOfWork.

*Lunch will be served for all who participate in-person*

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the panelists
Ali Sanati

Professor Ali Sanati joined the finance department at Kogod School of Business in 2018. He teaches “Business Finance” to undergraduate students and “Advanced Quant Methods and Machine Learning in Finance” to graduate students. His research interests are in the field of corporate finance, focusing on issues related to capital raising by firms. His research has been published in top academic journals, such as the Journal of Financial Economics and the Review of Financial Studies. 

Alexandra Mislin headshot

Professor Alexandra Mislin from Kogod's Department of Management studies how aspects of social exchange (e.g. managing emotions, rebuilding trust, and interacting with AI) influence cooperation and conflict. Her work bridges the fields of management, experimental economics, and social psychology, leading to scholarly and practical insights on organizational life.

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Isabella Bingaman is an AU alumna now serving as the associate director of product at Priorities USA, one of the largest Democratic super political action committees supporting the 2024 presidential election. Isabella works to bring data to bear for strategic political media campaigns, using AI to summarize and help analyze large datasets for their actionable insights.