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A behind-the-scenes look into consumer well-being


The third season of Kogod in the Know is all about well-being—considering topics of race, gender, and justice through a business lens. We will be featuring conversations with five of Kogod's expert faculty, all of whom focus their scholarship and research on these ideas.

Hayley Blunden-1

Virtual Virtues

Episode 5


Explore the multifaceted world of virtual work interactions with Hayley Blunden as she uncovers the keys to effective and productive digital exchanges.

Kimberly Luchtenberg

Equity in Every Home

Episode 4


Delve into the intricacies of equity and homeownership with Kimberly Luchtenberg, uncovering the causes of disparities and the importance of her research in the heart of policy-making DC.

Ioannis Spyridopoulos headshot

Bridging Financial Worlds

Episode 3


Journey through the unique lens of Ioannis Spyridopoulos as he merges Greek financial perspectives with U.S. insights, revealing the profound effects of financial access on societal growth and personal well-being.


Equity in the Marketplace

Episode 2


Explore the pivotal role of diversity in commerce with Sonya Grier as she delves into the significance of equitable business practices, sustainable marketing, and championing social justice in today's evolving marketplace.


Taxing Times

Episode 1


Dive into the U.S. tax system's complexities, the rise of independent workers, and the evolving role of women business owners in tax policy with Caroline Bruckner.

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A behind-the-scenes look into life at the Kogod School of Business


The second season of Kogod in the Know is all about experiential learning—a philosophy and practice at the center of Kogod's business education that answers the question employers ask—will this graduate be job-ready on day one? We will be speaking to current students, successful alumni, professors, and even CEOs of Fortune 500 companies about how this one-of-a-kind hands-on approach sets Kogod apart.

Jolie roetter and Josue Olivares

Learning is Defined as a Change in Behavior

Episode 7


Jolie Roetter, Director of the Global Learning Programs at Kogod, and recent grad Josue Olivares discuss an Italian study abroad experience focused on technology in the fashion and wine industries and how having a unique experience can transform your perspective on both work and life.

Kelsey Wali Camille Bakker Samantha Saveriano and Ogaga Udjo

Outside the Classroom Learning

Episode 6

Kelsey Wali, Assistant Director of Student Development and Services, along with undergraduate students Camille Bakker and Samantha Saveriano, as well as graduate student Ogaga Udjo, describe the value of learning that takes place outside the classroom. How these extracurricular activities help you achieve your goals, better understand yourself, and build the power skills employers are looking for.

Michael Clayton Jen Rush

Learning through Experience—Marketing Edition

Episode 5


Professor Michael Clayton, Program Director of Kogod's MS in Marketing Program, and recent graduate Jen Rush tell us about the applied client project, a course in which students design and present a full-scale marketing campaign for a DC-based marketing agency. How developing a multi-faceted experiential marketing campaign for the country’s oldest beer brand helped Jen form her career and grow individually.

Tommy white Rachel Koretsky

Entrepreneurship at Kogod

Episode 4

Tommy White, Director of the Center for Innovation along with Rachel Koretsky, the CEO/Founder of Upace, a tech startup in the community recreation space, explain the advantages of launching a startup while at Kogod. Rachel lays out how she leveraged the classroom to bootstrap her now successful startup and the steps she took along her journey from creating the idea to launching a product and getting customers.

Kyle Olsen Angela Petras Karl Scarlett

Smart Students Solving Real Business Problems

Episode 3


Angela Petras, Assistant Dean of Experiential Learning at the Kogod School of Business, describes the pro-bono consulting program which provides hands-on consulting experiences for students. Then, the consulting team of Scott Schneider and Kyle Olsen tell us about their experience working with the Founder and CEO of Great Dwellings, Karl Scarlett, and the real problems they helped to solve.

Caron Martinez Shyheim Snead Brian massoni

Learning the Soft Skills of Business

Episode 2

Caron Martinez, Director of Kogod's Center for Professionalism and Communication, along with recent grads Brian Massoni and Shyheim Snead, describe the value and importance of professional communication and how the center provided the necessary tools to launch their careers.

Angela Petras Stephanie Holzinger Brian Hanlon

Turning an Internship into a Full-Time Job

Episode 1


Angela Petras, Assistant Dean of Experiential Learning, describes Kogod’s foundation of experiential learning. Then, recent MBA grad Stephanie Holzinger and her now boss, Brian Hanlon, talk us through how she turned her internship into a career. Ending with not your typical advice from a business school.

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A behind-the-scenes look into life at the Kogod School of Business


This season is all about sustainability, what it is, why it's important, how it fits into our everyday lives and careers, and, ultimately, how to get a job that makes a difference in the world. We'll be speaking to people with some fascinating jobs in the sustainability space and we'll find out how they got into sustainability, what drove them to want to make a difference, and what the job is really like.

Sam Kenny

Being Humble and Curious to Prevent Food Loss

Episode 5


Samantha Kenny—senior program officer at World Wildlife Fund—tells us about her work to prevent food loss and waste along with some tips to apply this in your own life. How being born without a sense of smell became a superpower for her and why being humble and curious can help solve some of our world's biggest problems and lead to the future we want to see.

Josh Kaplan

The Impact of Society and the Natural World

Episode 4

Josh Kaplan—Education Manager at the Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA)—discusses how the energy market has evolved and how companies and organizations across the world are working to decarbonize the electric system. We also touch on why an interdisciplinary approach is what’s needed to save our planet and what you can do in your organization if sustainability is not in your job description.

Nicole Condon

Being Well-Rounded for a Career in Sustainability

Episode 3 


Nicole Condon—Senior Commercial Manager for the Marine Stewardship Council—always had a deep love for the ocean, and after getting a degree in marine biology, she realized something was missing in her career. Seeing all the jobs she was interested in required a business degree, she enrolled at Kogod to learn how to speak about science policy, and the impact it’s having on the business world.

Hamzah Abu-Ragheb 1x1 Purple

A Comprehensive Approach to Sustainability

Episode 2 


Hamzah Abu-Ragheb—Sustainable Sourcing Manager at Aramark and Avendra Group—discusses combining the sustainable aspects of policy, science, and business into a focused approach, driving sustainable practices within a traditional company, and his key to balancing an extremely demanding schedule.

Hannah Debelius 1x1 Purple

Sustainability and Relationship Management

Episode 1 

Hannah Debelius—Science, Technology and Policy Fellow in the Building Technologies Office at the Department of Energy—tells us about merging her passion for sustainability with her skill set of building relationships, her work helping American University achieve carbon neutrality, and the creative solutions achievable through sustainability.