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A Leader in Sustainability

At Kogod, sustainability is not a business outcome—it's a business philosophy. We believe that by leveraging data, emerging technologies, and the passion of our community, sustainable practices can be applied to every business discipline.


Sustainable business is diverse, equitable, and inclusive business.

From hiring to management and leadership practices, a sustainable business puts all stakeholders at the core of its purpose.


Sustainable business is environmentally conscious business.

From transparent supply chains to efficient business processes, a sustainable business minimizes its impact on the planet. 


Sustainable business is strategic business.

A sustainable business monitors the impact of its operations to ensure that short-term profits don’t turn into long-term liabilities.

Sustainability in Kogod News

July 11, 2024
Strengthening Sustainability

Kogod School of Business STEM-MBA student Sanjana Goel gains experience through a summer internship...

July 9, 2024
American University’s Kogod School of Business, School of Public Affairs Appoint Eminent Scholar Chair in Sustainability

The dual appointment between American’s Kogod School of Business and School of Public Affairs marks...

June 21, 2024
Navigating an Action-Packed Semester in DC

A Washington Semester student finds a community at the Kogod School of Business, gaining valuable...

May 1, 2024
Change-Driven Entrepreneurs Visit Campus for Earth Day Discussion

For the second straight year, the Kogod School of Business hosts an Earth Day Founders Forum as...

March 29, 2024
Kogod’s Sustainability Management Program Teaches Environment’s Intersection with Business

The recently-renovated program teaches students how to make businesses better for the environment.

February 21, 2024
Sustainability Management Students Encourage Sustainable 2024 With New Year’s Resolutions List

Sustainability management students Florence Vanderschueren, Savannah Haeger, Binderiya Usukhbayar,...

Sustainability & business
The First MS in Sustainability Management Program in a Business School

As organizations grapple with their impact on the planet, they need business professionals who are also experts in sustainable business practices. Discover how you can implement innovative, responsible solutions while helping your organization thrive.

At Kogod, we practice what we teach.

American University's arboretum and gardens are some of the most noteworthy features on campus.

Ranked #4 for Most Beautiful Urban Campuses by Best Choice Schools, our arboretum has over 4,000 trees on campus and displays 385 different species and varieties of woody plants. 

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Sustinable Campus

American University is the first university in the US to reach carbon neutrality.

Sustainability is a culture that's visible the moment you step onto campus. Green buildings incorporate energy efficient technologies and a focus on human health. We use solar energy, strive for zero waste, and work with community partners to offer sustainable transportation.

Learn About Our Sustainability Efforts

Sustainability & business
Earn a Minor in Sustainability

Sustainability has never been more critical, and businesses that don’t take a long-term approach to their environmental, social, and economic impacts will be left behind. With a minor in sustainability, you’ll have the skills to guide private and public organizations toward more sustainable management and operational practices and be ready for a career in corporate responsibility, social entrepreneurship, sustainable development, and more.