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Customized Executive Learning & Certifications

The Kogod School of Business at American University

As the oldest accredited business school in Washington, DC, we pride ourselves on our over 65-year history of proven success. Our experience-based approach bridges theory with practice, giving you the skills to make a meaningful impact. In addition to empowering our students with the knowledge, experience, and resources needed to succeed, we take pride in a diversity that helps our students thrive in a complex global environment. Kogod is nationally recognized as a top resource provider for women and minority students, and our programs attract professors, speakers, and students from all around the world. 

Customized & Agile Programs

There are no off-the-shelf solutions to today’s complex challenges. Our program begins with a thorough needs assessment, since interviewing a range of stakeholders that affect the practice is an essential first step. 

Our 5-Step Process

Our goal is to ensure that specialized workshop content is tailored to each client, requiring a listening and assessment phase. Every customized program we create aligns perfectly with the learning that you and your practice need. Our programs offer the rare opportunity for participants to step back from daily clinical responsibilities, reevaluate priorities, set goals, and aim for the future. 
STEP 1: Exploration

Interview key stakeholders.

STEP 2: Customization

Design a specialized program to fit your needs based on your feedback.

STEP 3: Experiential Learning

In-person, live online, and real-world problem-solving. 

STEP 4: Assessment

Monitor progress and readjust.

STEP 5: Certification & Support

Issue badges and certificates, offer support and mentoring. 

Types of Workshops We Offer

Live Projects & Experiential Learning

Experiential learning involves learning by doing. We know that experiential learning is crucial for business leaders in today’s competitive business environment because it puts knowledge into action. That’s why clients never just sit and listen to lectures for hours on end. Instead, most of our courses include a project where participants are assigned to a working practice environment and must analyze and recommend solutions for ongoing business challenges. The challenges vary, depending on the subject matter of the course.

We constantly innovate our curriculum by integrating the latest research with what the workplace demands. Our academic experts and world-class executives-in-residence provide learning solutions that clients can apply immediately upon returning to work. Furthermore, the ability to measure, assess, and further adjust individual and program success is built into the program.

I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed this workshop very much, and I'm sad to see it end.

Recent Executive Program Graduate

Thank you very much for the highly effective workshops. We are already applying the newly-learned approaches in Quantico. 

Recent Executive Program Graduate

Case Studies

The case study method is one of the premier teaching methods in management and strategic decision-making education. We will discuss real problems that you are or will be facing in your practice. Case studies help clients develop and practice their analytical and communication skills, which are crucial for business leaders to produce viable solutions to actual business problems. Our workshops make extensive use of the case study method, enabling participants to explore new analytical frameworks and the latest research within the context of real-world decision-making. 

Working in teams or groups is one of the hallmarks of business education. By working together, participants learn how to navigate team dynamics, resolve conflict, and share responsibilities in order to successfully complete a project. Participants build these skills through group interaction in case discussions, simulations, and team exercises. The soft skills gained by learning and achieving in teams are immediately transferrable to private practice and crucial to driving organizational success.

I appreciate all the lessons, and we are already employing the processes, strategies, and case studies we covered in the workshops.

Recent Executive Education Graduate

Examples of Customized Offerings

South Korean Ministry of Personnel Management


  • Global Leadership in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution 
  • Transformative Leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution


Kogod provided Korean government employees at the South Korean Ministry of Personnel Management with several one-week training programs to develop transformative leadership capabilities relative to emerging digital technologies. The program consisted of lectures by Kogod faculty and industry leaders, as well as site visits to and guest speakers from organizations such as Kaiser Permanente Health Innovation Center, IBM Center for the Business of Government, World Bank, IMF, and FCC.

Freddie Mac


  • Master of Science in Finance 
  • Master of Science in Management


Kogod partnered with Freddie Mac to provide a customized Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program and a Master of Science in Management (MSM) program to several cohorts where the courses were taught at the Freddie Mac campus by experts from AU.

US Department of the Navy


Master of Science in Management (Strategy and Security)


Kogod worked with the US Department of the Navy to offer the Low-Residency Graduate Education Program (LGEP) MS in Management. The focus of the program is on strategy, leadership, and cybersecurity. The program is offered in a hybrid format, combining synchronous and asynchronous online course work along with monthly in-residence sessions. Courses utilize case studies, group projects, and experiential learning to bridge theory and practice. It is taught by Kogod’s top research faculty and expert faculty practitioners.

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