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Undergraduate Specializations

Tailor your expertise with one or more undergraduate specializations.

Undergraduate Kogod students can select one or more areas of specialization from several approved programs or design a custom specialization with the assistance and approval of a Kogod academic advisor. If you’re a business administration student, you’ll be required to complete a specialization to enhance your degree and graduate with expertise in one main area of business.

12-15 Credits

Choose from a variety of classes in your chosen specialization.

Dual Specializations

Complete a minimum of 12 credit hours in a second specialization.


Design your own unique specialization with the approval of your academic advisor.

Specializations Offered

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The accounting specialization provides a thorough understanding of financial and management accounting, giving you the skills you’ll need to make financial decisions for your business.

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An understanding of analytics allows you to extract meaningful insights from data in order to make intelligent and effective business decisions.

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In this specialization, you’ll learn the entrepreneurial mindset, knowledge, and skills needed to start your own business or increase the effectiveness of the organization you work for.

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Through case studies and company projects, the finance specialization prepares you to make sound financial and investment decisions in real-life business situations.

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Information Systems & Technology

Specializing in IT will give you the skills to understand an organization’s technology needs, innovate products and processes, and manage the implementation of technical solutions.

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International Business

Understanding and appreciating the differences in political economies and cultures across countries will allow you to make informed business decisions that take both national and international considerations into account.

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The management specialization prepares you to be an effective leader throughout your career by understanding best practices to manage both yourself and others.

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Learn how to identify your audience, predict consumer behavior, and create integrated campaigns that will get their attention with a specialization in marketing.

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Real Estate

With a specialization in real estate, you'll understand the different sectors of the industry—from commercial development to mortgage financing and beyond—and be able to see connections to the larger business landscape.

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Prepare yourself for today’s careers in sustainability and business focused on corporate sustainability strategy, ESG investing, sustainability metrics and reporting, risk management, marketing, or entrepreneurship.