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AI at Kogod

At Kogod, we're not afraid to make bold decisions.

That's why we are incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into our curriculum, our operations, and our philosophy. It's why we are constantly bringing industry leaders to campus to share their technical expertise and practical know-how. And it's how we are building the future of business education at Kogod.


The job market demands AI skills. We're providing them.

Every Kogod student gets the training and tools to be able to excel in their discipline—to code a program, build a beautiful presentation, analyze a data set, build a website, or do financial analysis—all using AI.


Agility and adaptability are key.

AI is here to stay, and Kogod knows it's vital for its students, faculty, and staff to stay ahead of the curve. As technology changes, so do we. That's why we regularly provide faculty and staff with trainings, workshops, and opportunities to engage with AI leaders across industries.


Scholar-teachers are leading the way.

From supply-chain management to digital marketing, every business sector and industry is changing because of AI. Our faculty across programs comprise both industry-leading practitioners and cutting-edge researchers who apply AI inside and outside the classroom.

Our AI courses fall into two main categories.

While AI is incorporated into every subject that is part of the core Kogod curriculum, certain classes have a more distinct focus on AI than others. Through AI Sage and AI Artisan courses, students have the opportunity to learn about the practical applications of AI tools while gaining an understanding of the fundamental challenges and ethical complexities that come with their proliferation.

AI Sage: In Practice

These courses focus on the use of AI in a specific context, including hands-on projects, labs, and case studies where students will apply AI to real-world problems. From courses like Foundations of Digital Marketing to AI in Entertainment, these classes will teach you practical tools of the trade. 

Some additional Sage course titles include:

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Text Mining
  • Python Programming
  • Advanced Forensic Accounting

AI Artisan: In Concept

These courses, less technical than AI Sage courses, incorporate AI as a significant discussion point or theoretical foundation of the class. From courses like Sustainability and Technology to Consumer Behavior, these classes will teach you how to think about AI in different business contexts. 

Some additional Artisan course titles include:

  • Negotiations
  • Marketing and Communications for Business
  • Managing the Digital Organization
  • Principles of Marketing
Research Spotlight
AI & the Modern Tax Agency

Accounting professor and Managing Director of the Kogod Tax Policy Center Caroline Bruckner spearheaded a report with the IBM Center for the Business of Government about the ways tax agencies in the U.S. and around the world can effectively use AI tools to diminish risk and increase efficiency.

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Meet Some of the Faces of AI at Kogod

  • Ali Sanati AI


    “In my research, I explore the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) both as an analytical tool and as a subject of inquiry to understand its broader economic and financial implications.


    One of my ongoing projects with the Bureau of Labor Statistics investigates the implications of AI adoption on firm productivity and financing.” 

  • Gwanhoo Lee AI


    "I study many facets of AI, but I am most interested in how AI/ML can be used for the public good—to increase the inclusiveness of social welfare, respond to pandemics, and create public value.” 

  • Alex Mislin AI


    "My current research looks at how the use of AI for negotiations affects trust, satisfaction with the negotiation process and outcome, and well-being in the workplace." 


  • Jeff Lee AI




    "I apply machine learning (ML) and large language models (LLMs) to the analysis of social media, brand positioning, and the detection of fake reviews."


    I'm also interested in the detection of AI-generated content as well as the application of LLMs to generate text-based insights."

AI & Analytics
Earn a STEM Master's in Analytics

AI is changing the way data analysis is done—meaning technical roles across fields are becoming even more specialized. An MS in analytics provides you with an in-demand skill set that will allow you to solve organizational challenges and make effective business decisions. Plus, that expert knowledge in this complex field may open more lucrative doors in your career.