Research Centers

At Kogod, we make it easy for you to get involved with the practical and the theoretical.

American University Center for Innovation

Kogod's entrepreneurship hub helps you gain a full understanding of the real world of business and markets by confronting, embracing, and creating opportunities—with the goal of achieving the highest levels of human flourishing and self–actualization.

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Market Impact Hub

A place for synergistic activities related to research, teaching, generating awareness, creating understanding, and fueling community engagement, the hub equips future generations with the tools they need to pioneer modern marketing, a practice marked by moral action and loyalty to advancing consumer well-being. 

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Kogod Tax Policy Center

At Kogod, we seek to increase public understanding of the nation's tax laws, and to spur balanced, productive dialogue on the status of current tax law, the challenges of tax compliance and planning, and the potential impact of tax reform, with a focus on "average" Americans and small and mid-size businesses.

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Kogod Cybersecurity Governance Center

The center has two core missions: 1) conducting world-class research related to cybersecurity and privacy, and 2) achieving practical impacts by informing today’s business leaders with actionable and well-supported guidance on cybersecurity and privacy.

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Business in the Capital Center 

We provide insight on key regional issues and start productive conversations about improving the Greater Washington business climate. We share research and expertise with policy makers and business leaders to build the economy of the Greater Washington region.

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Kogod Blockchain Hub

Kogod invests in collaborative education and research-based initiatives focused on the impact of blockchain technology on business processes. The Hub unifies stakeholders from the public and private sectors to create knowledge and guide hands-on applications of this emerging technology.

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Research News

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