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AI at Kogod: What They Are Saying

Kogod brings impressive commitment and speed to AI initiative

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Last week, we announced that Kogod is infusing artificial intelligence into everything we do, from the student curriculum to faculty training and beyond.

Since then, we've had our ear to the ground to get a sense of what our community—and the broader business school environment—is saying. 

From an article on the homepage of the Wall Street Journal to an in-depth feature from Poets & Quants, the consensus is that AI is here to stay—and that Kogod is moving with impressive speed to prepare our students for an ever-changing job market.

Here's what we're hearing:

Top business schools are pushing M.B.A. candidates and undergraduates to use artificial intelligence as a second brain. Students are eager for the instruction as employers increasingly hire talent with AI skills. 

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Lindsay Ellis

Wall Street Journal

American University’s Kogod School of Business is putting an unusually high emphasis on AI, threading teaching on the technology through 20 new or adapted classes, from forensic accounting to marketing, which will roll out next school year.” 

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It's quite remarkable because we're talking about a change in and addition to coursework, in curriculum, and the type of [job] a student might find themselves into that might not even be created yet."

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Brad Smith

Yahoo! Finance


The initiative stands out for how concrete and extensive Kogod’s commitment will be to this transformative technology."

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John Byrne

Poets & Quants

One of the biggest surprises is how fast Kogod was able to move on its initiative. “What I’m proud about is that we moved with private sector speed,” Marchick tells Poets&Quants. “After starting in December from scratch, we will have all of this in place for students coming in the fall. It shows that schools can move with speed. MIT and Stanford are way ahead on the research side. We are not trying to compete with them. But we are pushing faster and further on a student-focused approach.” 

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Artificial intelligence is here to stay, and business students — not just computer science majors — need to know how to implement and use it beyond the classroom." 

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Nate Doughty

Washington Business Journal

That's the thesis of David Marchick, who, as the dean of American University's Kogod School of Business, announced on Tuesday that all students at Kogod will have AI "infused" into their respective degree program's curriculum starting next fall. These AI-focused educational materials will also be embedded into Kogod's training courses for faculty and staff members as well as into new certificate offerings, among other areas.” 

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“It’s very important to teach our students the foundational concepts and theory behind current technology and practices,” [Gwanhoo] Lee said in an interview with The Eagle.

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Tyler Davis

The Eagle Online

“But we cannot stop there, because this is a business school. So we need to be very practical and prepare our students to be able to be the leaders in digital economy.”

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In the fall, American University's Kogod School of Business plans to "infuse AI into every part of our curriculum," its dean, David Marchick, said in a video on the school's website

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Lakshmi Varanasi

Business Insider

As part of the initiative, Kogod will offer a slate of 20 new classes that span everything from forensic accounting to marketing."

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