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Meet Our Students: Jaime Robinson

See what an alumna had to say about her experience in Kogod’s online analytics program.

Jaime Robinson

Meet Analytics@American student Jaime Robinson. Jaime is a client manager at a D.C.-based organization in the insurance industry, but she wants to transition into a role that will allow her to use data and her newly acquired analytical skills. The online program accommodates her work schedule but still affords plenty of interaction and networking opportunities.

Jaime graduated in May 2018. See what she had to say about her experience in Kogod’s online analytics program.

What attracted you to Business@American?

Since I earned my undergraduate degree, I’ve been working for Unum. I have always wanted to get a graduate degree, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I knew I liked math, and my bachelor’s was in marketing. I came across the program, and it fit exactly what I was looking for. The analytics side deals with statistics and mathematics, but I also learn softer skills in marketing. Analytics@American ties it all together. It’s a really important area that’s becoming huge for any type of business. I can apply it to a lot of different areas.

How are you planning on applying your degree to your career overall?

My goal is to transition into a completely different role, maybe still in the insurance industry, but on the business analysis side as a consultant or in market research. In my current job, I’m influencing people but not using any type of data to get there. I like data! When I’m trying to convince someone of something, I like having the data behind me to back it up. That’s something that this program will give me.

Do you feel that there’s a skills gap in your industry?

Definitely. In the insurance industry, there’s a ton of data—from individuals, from clients, and claims data on top of that. Industry-wide, it’s not being utilized as much as it could. I’m starting to see companies pop up to help other companies with that skill, but I think we should be able to grow internally and form a team for that instead.

Were you nervous about fitting a degree into your life while working?

Yes, but that’s why I went online. I work 60 or more hours a week, so the thought of having to take the time to go to campus—especially with the traffic in D.C.—just wasn’t really feasible. I liked the fact that, even though it’s online, you still have that interaction in the virtual classroom, being able to see and interact with your professor. I feel like I still get that personable approach. 

What type of networking opportunities has Business@American provided?

I always get emails telling me about networking events that I can attend, especially since I live in the area. The opportunities are there—it’s up to you whether you take them up or not. My goal for this year is to attend more of them. But it’s great because I was worried about not having that interaction. Getting your graduate degree provides a whole other avenue of networking and people to meet and bounce ideas off of. The immersion has been great for that. I’ve gotten the chance to get to know the people I see in class and learn why they’re in this program.