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Meet Our Students: John Gayton

See what Kogod alumnus John Gayton had to say about his experience in Kogod’s online analytics program.


John Gayton, MS in Analytics Online Graduate '17


Meet Analytics@American graduate John Gayton. The practical knowledge and analytical skills John gained during the program helped him attain his current position as a services data analyst for Agilent Technologies, a provider of products and services for laboratories. He believes his coursework will help him continue to advance in his new role.

John graduated in May 2017. See what he had to say about his experience in Kogod’s online analytics program.

What attracted you to Business@American?

I was looking for a program that combined business with data analysis. I am not a programmer and wasn’t looking for a pure data science program, but rather one that gave me a better understanding of businesses and business issues as well as the skills required for all but the most advanced types of data analysis. That combination is ultimately what helped me successfully land my current job, and it has proven to be the right balance I was looking for.

How have you fit the program into your life?

I was a much better student than I was as an undergrad. I was more focused and realized that completing quality work in the appropriate time required a more disciplined approach to managing coursework. With the flexibility provided by the recorded and uploaded material, I was able to accomplish work in the early morning, after winding down from work at night, after classes, or on the weekend. 

What is your experience with the online program?

I was initially nervous about doing an online degree program, having come from a very traditional undergraduate experience. However, the level of advising and help I received from the faculty and staff at American, as well as the online platform utilized by the program, made learning and doing my work easy. I enjoyed the experience and was interested and engaged in all the coursework I have taken.

How is Business@American helping you to propel your career?

The degree is how I was able to get the job I currently have. The coursework I took has been vital for the job.

What are you doing now while you earn your degree?

I was able to take what I learned in the classroom and apply it to work while leveraging my work and practical experience in the classroom.