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Kogod School of Business Infuses Artificial Intelligence Throughout Curriculum

Kogod’s Proactive AI Education Framework Prepares Students for a Competitive and Changing Job Market



Kogod School of Business Infuses AI throughout Curriculum

The Kogod School of Business at American University announced today that artificial intelligence (AI) is now infused into its academic curriculum and day-to-day practices. The full rollout of more than 20 new and updated courses in the fall 2024 semester ensures incoming and existing Kogod students graduate with industry-leading expertise in AI and machine learning (ML). Kogod’s plan also includes faculty and staff trainings, new certificate offerings for students, private sector engagement and partnership, and operational overhauls to remain current as new technology develops.

With the new curricular changes, Kogod students will master prompt engineering and programming—essential AI concepts and tools—and will gain experience with R, Python and AI/ML Models. The redesigned curriculum consists of “AI Sage” courses, which include deep immersion into the use of AI in a real-world context, and “AI Artisan” courses, which discuss the application of AI in a more abstract and theoretical way. AI courses and workshops are also now requirements of the undergraduate core curriculum for incoming students. Not only will students learn how to use different AI platforms and tools, but they will also learn about the inherent risks and ethical challenges underlying AI technology.

Artificial intelligence is here to stay, and business students need to be prepared to utilize applications for generative AI on day one of their future jobs.”

David Marchick Purple

David Marchick

Dean, Kogod School of Business

“To prepare our students to enter the global marketplace, we are being aggressive and bold with our curriculum. American University, like many others, is accelerating its AI-focused research agenda. But the driving force behind the changes we announce today is the impact we will have on the student experience—and on student outcomes after they leave us,” said Kogod School of Business Dean David Marchick.

Kogod has made deep investments in hiring faculty with AI/ML expertise. Angela Virtu and Shawn Janzen joined Kogod in 2023, and two additional experts in AI/ML will join the full-time faculty this fall. A significant number of Kogod’s faculty currently use AI tools in their coursework, and real-time learning for faculty and staff ensures coursework and the school’s day-to-day practices are aligned with the rapidly changing field of AI. In April, Kogod will host the first of many industry panels featuring executives across sectors—from marketing to finance to tech—where AI is driving business change.

“Digital transformation is not new, but to see it at such scale is very telling,” said Gwanhoo Lee, chair of Kogod’s Department of Information Technology & Analytics. “Kogod is moving swiftly to adapt to the market, and we are eager to continue updating and improving our approach as the AI landscape continues to change at pace.”

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