Business and Climate Change: A Winning Combination?

Kogod Management professor Jennifer Oetzel’s new book on business and climate change wins major awards from the Academy of Management.

Oetzel book cover

Kogod School of Business professor of management Jennifer Oetzel.


It’s well-established that humans contribute significantly to climate change. What we do about it may be the defining challenge of our generation—and luckily, sustainability scholars are stepping up to provide research and solutions. 

Enter Kogod professor of management Jennifer Oetzel, whose book, Business Adaptation to Climate Change, just received two awards from the prestigious Academy of Management. The book presents a conceptual model and tests of the model in two settings: the Western US ski industry's adaptation to warmer temperatures, and the effect of natural disasters on foreign investment by multinational corporations around the world.  

Professor Oetzel has been at American University since the early 2000s, just as the concept of human-driven climate change was becoming more widely accepted. Her teaching specialties include business strategies for emerging markets and international business, and her research focuses on how companies can better manage major disasters (such as terrorism, natural and technological disasters) and violent conflicts in countries where they do business.