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Ocean Spray to MBA

Kogod Graduate Student Ambassador Carmisha Louis recounts her experience interning with Ocean Spray Cranberries.

Carmisha Louis

We are featuring a new series of “diary” posts from our Kogod Graduate Student Ambassadors, bringing you a first-person view of life as a Kogod graduate student. Our fourth entry by Carmisha Louis (Kogod/MBA ’21) is about her experience interning as a brand marketing manager with Ocean Spray Cranberries.


This summer, I completed my virtual summer internship with Ocean Spray Cranberries as a brand marketing manager. Although I could not spend my summer in Boston as initially planned due to the pandemic, I did, however, really enjoy my virtual experience. 

My summer project for the internship was to present an analysis and recommendation for a new direct-to-consumer model for Ocean Spray’s Lighthouse Innovation brand. During this experience, I networked with individuals throughout the company and even presented my findings to the global chief innovation officer, the senior leadership team, and brand managers. By the end of my internship, the brand managers implemented my recommendations on product diversification, promotion optimization, and increasing first-party data.

I learned so much about the cranberry business, innovation, and the food and beverage industry as a whole through this summer experience. As I returned to the Kogod virtual classroom, I had more confidence in myself and I am very excited about the opportunities waiting for me upon graduation.