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Kogod's Online Graduate Programs Soar, Ranking Highly Among US Peers

US News and World Report ranks Kogod's online MBA no. 40 and online non-MBA business programs no. 16 in the country.

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When Kogod's online graduate programs launched in 2015, the idea was to allow students to earn a business degree while maintaining work and personal obligations. "The program was created with flexibility at its core," says the director of online programs, Eric-Enrico Hunt.

Since then, in only five years, Kogod's online programs have served more than 1,500 students, who have earned more than 46,000 credit hours.

"I didn't want to take time off work to pursue my MBA," says online MBA student Eric Hian-Cheong. "Kogod's online format let me do this and helped me balance school, a full-time job, and other life elements. Being online, the program let me work at my own pace while also keeping me accountable thanks to the weekly live sessions."

Kogod's online graduate programs have provided an accessible and immersive experience to students looking for educational and real-world opportunities, and the hard work of the school’s faculty and staff has been recognized in US News and World Report's 2021 best online MBA and master’s program rankings. Kogod's online MBA has climbed to number 40 out of 324, and the online non-MBA business programs have risen to number 16 out of 184.

"AU is a well-known and respected institution, and students are supported by superb faculty and staff,” says alum Chantal Johnson. “My expectations of the program were met and exceeded, from the application process to completing my capstone project. I couldn't have asked for a better graduate experience."

Added Kogod dean, John Delaney, "I've always known that we have incredible faculty and students in our online business programs, and I'm excited to see our peers and colleagues across the country acknowledge the exceptional experience we've built here at Kogod."

Kogod's online graduate students attend international and US-based immersion trips to get hands-on experience in their fields of practice, and despite the COVID-19 pandemic, students in 2020 “traveled” virtually to places like Seattle, Chile, Ireland, DC, and Argentina. During the immersions, students connected with industry leaders, exercised their skills through hands-on group projects, and learned about international business cultures and customs. In June, when students “went” to Chile, they enjoyed a virtual wine tasting with the same Chilean winery featured in their course.

Kogod’s blueprint for success focuses on educating students through hands-on experiences in the fields they're studying. Business consulting opportunities with local and international companies, international travel experiences, classes taught by practicing faculty, and more provide students the real-world skills that can transform their careers.

"We can deliver academically rigorous programs that enable students to learn from both our tenured faculty and faculty who are working full-time in the industry, which gives students great perspective on how to apply academic content to the workplace," says the assistant dean of online programs, Maureen Breslin.

Kogod plans to continue training professors on the new and emerging technology used to support online learning while offering virtual immersion experiences until students can safely travel again.

"The continued success of our online business programs is proof that investing in faculty, students, and cutting-edge resources yields first-rate results," says Delaney.

2021 USNWR Online Programs:

• #40 Online MBA
• #16 Online Non-MBA Business Programs

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